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  1. TRENT

    Implemented Bonus roles/messages announcement

    If bonus roles/messages are set, another message embed will be sent as a separate message underneath the giveaway embed. Message Layout Example: Bonus Role(s): <role 1> has <multiplier x2> additional entries. <role 2> has <multiplier x5> additional entries. Bonus Messages: <multiplier>...
  2. TRENT

    Implemented Giveaway Logs

    Log newly scheduled giveaways. Log newly created giveaways. Log ended giveaways. Log deleted giveaways.
  3. TRENT

    Implemented "Hosted by" in giveaway embeds and winner notification DMs

    In giveaway embeds, under the requirement(s), a "hosted by" field will display a mention of the giveaway author. (Everyone) In winner notification DMs, a "hosted by" field will display a mention and username+discriminator of the giveaway author. (Premium) These fields are on by default, but...
  4. TRENT

    Implemented Customise winner reroll announcement message

    Default Reroll Message: Customisable with: setwinnerannouncement reroll <message> Available variables: {winner} , {prize} , {giveaway_author}
  5. TRENT

    Implemented Customise winner announcement message

    Default Winner Message: Customisable with: setwinnerannouncement normal <message> Available variables: {winners , {prize} , {giveaway_author}
  6. TRENT

    Click to report a bug

    Support Server
  7. TRENT

    Click to submit a suggestion

    Support Server
  8. TRENT

    Implemented Message count bonus

    For every x amount of messages sent, a specific amount of additional entries into giveaways will be given. *setbonusmessages <number of additional entries> <per number of messages>
  9. TRENT

    Denied Premium 7 day trial for bot users

    There is no premium trial for users or servers; however, anyone can request a trial for a newly created server with less than 10 members.
  10. TRENT

    Denied Please Include Bot Command List or Prefix For Help on Website

    The "about" page and listing states the following:
  11. TRENT

    Approved Counter Start Date

    The date and time at which the messages/voice tracker was reset will be displayed within the trackmessages/topmessages and trackvoice/topvoice commands in an upcoming update.
  12. TRENT

    Implemented Giveaway Notification Role

    The bot will automatically mention (ping) a role you specify under every giveaway.
  13. TRENT

    Implemented Giveaway Scheduling

    Schedule giveaways ahead of time. The bot will automatically post the giveaway at the date and time you specify.
  14. TRENT

    Denied Must Not Have

    This can be achieved with the blacklist role.
  15. TRENT

    Implemented Giveaway Winner Role

    The bot will automatically assign a role you specify to the winner(s).
  16. TRENT

    Implemented Manipulate voice time and message count

    *setmessages [user] [messages] *setvoicetime [user] [duration]
  17. TRENT

    Approved Make *viewgiveaways non-premium

    The viewgiveaways command is now available to everyone - as it was meant to be from when it was first released; however, the viewgiveaway #channel GiveawayID command - to get a detailed description of a specific giveaway - will remain exclusive to premium guilds.
  18. TRENT

    False Report Giveaway Winner
  19. TRENT

    Resolved Current Bug List

    IMPLEMENTED BUG FIXES Leaving the required guild(s) does not remove entrants from active giveaways. removedrop command is unable to locate and remove the drop. Automatic giveaway ending has been disabled temporarily; all giveaways will need to be ended manually. See example of command...
  20. TRENT

    Denied Drop Command

    Giveaway drops already exist.
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