Considered Custom Commands

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Jun 23, 2019
You might be thinking "oh, this is just a custom commands feature and not related to giveaways". The answer is no, by the way.

What I'm thinking is that these custom commands could be used to make pre-used giveaways or drops. This could be useful for servers that host daily/weekly/monthly/etc giveaways, so they don't need to copy the start giveaway command from last day/week/month's giveaway. Or this could just be used for servers that have the same giveaway prizes every time.

And for drops, well this isn't really useful as you can "spam" drops every now and then, but it isn't really efficient, especially if you want drops to be generated at a completely random time. But some servers still like drops that are less random. So if the server wants to spam the drop command, let's say, every week, so admins can just do the custom command and it will be done for them. Also, the "spam" is just an alternative way since there's no way to send two messages at the completely same time unless it's a bot. So this custom command will basically not make the delay between each drop command sent. I know it's just a second, but it might make it more professional, you never know.

There could also be a timed feature, where the custom command will be run every single day, for example. So the giveaway managers don't even need to be there. It would be more precise, as far as I know. Permissions, and all of that stuff. Maybe you could limit how many custom commands can a server make, and then you must buy premium to unlock unlimited spaces of custom commands.
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