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Jun 21, 2019
Giveaway scheduling update is now live!

How do I schedule a giveaway? - You can schedule a giveaway by running *giveaway schedule. The bot will ask you all the same questions as *giveaway start would except with an additional question:
Santa Wumpus said:
When would you like this giveaway posted?
How do I view my scheduled giveaways and IDs? - We have merged both normal and scheduled giveaways into the *viewgiveaways command.

How many giveaways can I schedule concurrently? - Both scheduled and normal giveaways add up to the total amount of giveaways you can run.

How do I view more details about a scheduled giveaway? - *viewgiveaway #giveawaychannel giveawayID

How do I cancel a scheduled giveaway? - *giveaway delete #giveawaychannel giveawayID

What are the time boundaries? - The maximum time you can schedule your giveaway ahead is 1 year, the minimum is 1 minute.
Not open for user replies
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